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This game is currently available for early access. While the game is playable, it lacks a great number of features. Please read the FAQ for details.


You've probably played something very similar to this, so you already know the drill. Push a button, avoid the obstacles, and get a highscore. That's the typical formula you've all grown to love, right?

SidD is what happens when you take that formula, and expand upon it with powerups, extra levels, and physics. Simple concepts, used throughout all of video game history, now combined together to create the ultimate 'flap' experience.

Got Modes?

Classic Mode:

It's the classic gameplay you know and love, with the added bonus of physics.

Expert Mode:

It's so hard, it's practically impossible! (we're not responsible for broken keyboards)

Warp Mode:

You're spiralling around a black hole, and you have no idea why! This is a totally new take on the classic experience.

Debris Mode:

Asteroids are jerks! They're small, and totally willing to knock you out of orbit! (also a new take)

Got Power?

Difficulty Up:

Increases the game speed for up to 30 seconds, and points are earned at 1.5 speed.

Difficulty Down:

Decreases the game speed for up to 30 seconds, and points are earned at half speed.

Safety Net:

Player is immune to all incoming obstacles for up to 7 seconds.

Upcoming Features

Start Menu:

A basic start menu is being worked on. This menu will have a scene (level) selector, allowing you to choose which level or mode to play on.

End Menu:

After you die, an end screen will appear. This screen will highlight your score, and allow for you to share it in a number of ways, such as through social media. (currently the level just resets at death)


An upbeat and catchy theme song for use on the main menu. Volume automatically lowers itself while playing.

Extra Modes:

Expert, Warp, and Debris modes are all being worked on, and will be released once they're ready.


The powerup system will be deployed


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